Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In the Beginning

There's always a beginning, be it grandiose or sophomoric, with fanfare, or without. And here is mine. Dreams are very tender and vulnerable in the beginning, like children, they start innocently, uncorrupted and unabashed. I was hesitant to begin here, laying bare a dream to the very few, I'm sure, who would find interest in following the common one of a fledgling entrepreneur. It will start, like millions have, very humbly but with a clear vision of a grand end result. Beginnings give us a place at which to look back, to compare with the present, a measure of growth and distance between what was and what is.

I will grow as a baker, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, but most importantly, I will share, learn, invent, screw-up, create, explore and chronicle the pure joy of the process of that growth with others who share the same passion and dream of that grand end result.

I hope you will follow this journey with me.

Happy New Year,